About Us

Securing the futures of young people by informing their decisions

We are an organisation that exists to provide development opportunities for young people in the ecosystem of football.

What is this ‘ecosystem’? We define this ecosystem as the network of people, organisations and institutions that have an influence in the world of football. Most will know the impact football players have on the game. What is lesser known is the roles played by the people off the pitch. What really goes on within a football club’s digital marketing team? How are analyst helping to improve performances on the field as well as performance in financial statements?

Our aim is to highlight the employment and career opportunities available within the interconnected network of clubs, organisations and institutions involved in football. We do this so the youth who have an interest in football are well informed when taking decisions that will shape their futures.

Our Journey

Young Pro, also known as ‘The Home of Youth Football’ has worked with over 5,000 young people since 2014. Young Pro Mag was at the forefront of our engagement. We released a series of magazines that provided aspiring footballers of all levels with the requirements to succeed as a professional footballer. Over the years Young Pro has evolved, however our mission has stayed the same. Our objective is to increase youth employment within the ecosystem of football. The Young Pro team is committed to seeing these goals come to fruition. Our team brings over 70 years of combined experience across industries such as sports, event management, creativity and design, project management, finance, youth work and marketing.